Welcome to the Krumholtz Gallery.

This gallery started with one image of a famous work of art and an inside joke, put together during a particularly boring day at work. Today, there are dozens of artists' works featured, representing several time periods and artistic movements.

Each work has been altered to include the highly expressive face of actor David Krumholtz, currently of CBS' hit series Numb3rs.

The New Additions gallery contains works that were recently completed by me. The Old Masters gallery contains works that were originally created before 1800. The New Masters gallery contains works that were originally created after 1800. The Originals gallery contains works that were created by me and may be "in the manner of" famous artists or artistic periods.

The new Miscellaneous Originals section includes photomanipulations that are either not based on famous works of art or that don't feature David Krumholtz.

If you enjoy the gallery, and/or have suggestions for additional altered works of art, please leave a message in my guestbook.

Special thanks to Lisa at SDKG.net and Hilary at Numb3rs Never Lie for all of the wonderful screencaps used in creating the works on this site. I couldn't have done it without you!

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